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November 03, 2016
Halloween: The Week of Awesome Horror!

This year we've celebrated Halloween during the whole week - total horror and dreadful fear have filled the office. The very Halloween Day was on the most grotty day of the week, Monday, so we decided that Friday was just perfect for overcoming all the difficulties diving into the wicked fun.

Bloody mirrors, dead bodies, skulls, and poisons have inspired our team in the sake of one main goal - Halloween Games with the traditional Pumpkin competition. Year by year, this competition amazes by the showcased masterpieces. This time we've seen the zombie-kid, the "Friday release", the cat, and two top contestants among which it was hard to choose the winner - Hamburger Pumpkin with fries and Cola, and Scream Pumpkin (after the same-name movie) which was a fuming luminous masterpiece! So, the visual effects won, though the McDonalds Pumpkin is always in our hearts.

Apart from the contests which have become traditional for our team, this time we've tried the services of a make-up expert. Wow, from the very morning we were so scary and infusive! It was really hard to pick up the best make-up and costume.      

All in all, this Halloween was very exciting - the winners got the special prize (treats, of course!), and others had lots of fun taking part in the contests and making selfies in their mind-blowing images! 

October 16, 2016
День мужчин

Men don't actually have a holiday in our country - this is a bit sad, and it hurts them as well (we constantly hear their complaints, e.g. "You, women, celebrate your Day on the 8th of March, and why there is no Day for men?!")

For historical reasons, 23rd of February have always been considered as the Men's Day, but nowadays Ukraine's got the Defender's Day on the 14th of October. So, we decided to satisfy the expectations and give every man of our team...a car! No ifs, and's or buts - our company can afford giving a high-class car to its every male.

This is the way we greet our men with the upcoming holidays. Our chocolate car fleet has spread over the office to come across the new owners!

October 14, 2016
14th of October: New Significant Day

14th of October is an important day for our country, the Ukrainian Cossacks’ Day and a holiday marred by the ongoing situation in the East of Ukraine, Ukraine Defender’s Day.

This day is not really a holiday of all men. It became significant only nowadays when the modern history of Ukraine is being written. This is the day of those who defend the integrity of our country, those who help the army, who support people that became victims of the warfare, the day of volunteers and donors.
Our company constantly takes part in the charity events aimed at helping the emigres and  Kiev’s anti-terrorist operation soldiers. Our team collects money, sends the equipment and all the necessary stuff through the authorized delegates.

We encourage you not to be indifferent to what's happening around you and be kind to one another!  

September 18, 2016
The weekend in the Carpathians

We spent last weekend in the Carpathians. It’s been so weird — we went there before the first snow. But we discovered the other side of Carpathians — they are beautiful at any time of the year.

The brightest experience of the first day was bathing in open air hot tubs and swimming in a mountain river. That was kinda a unique spa procedure! After that we chased down this awesome experience with some frog legs — it turns out that in Zakarpats’ka oblast’ there is a village of Turyi Remety, where frog legs is a common dish introduced a long time ago by Bonapartist militaries who came here not long after the battle of Waterloo. In the end of that extremely impression-rich day, after lots of bathing, waterfalls and stuffing ourselves with delicious dishes of Carpathian cuisine, we took a tour to the ruins of abandoned Nevitsky castle and tried to find a Bloody Maiden, who resides there according to the legends. After coming back we even managed to have a little stroll in Uzhgorod, the town we know and love from our previous Carpathian voyages. On the second day, we tried to check out the local mineral water. But it’s totally disgusting — the more disgusting it is the more illnesses it cures. Then we visited a couple of forests, rafted down Lake Synevir, munched out in local Kolyba, and tried to play trembita, but only Kolya and Nina managed to make it sound. And then we went to the Brown Bear Rehabilitation Center and spent some time with those cuties! They’re so marvelous and funny! On the other hand, on Shypot waterfall we met no less wonderful local dweller: a huge, fat, but very cute pig, that goes to the waterfall every morning to eat the food tourists feed it, and then comes back home in the evening. It’s so fat its belly is dragging on the ground! By the way, its hair was the same color as Kolya’s — they buck for Richard Gere for greater show. And the next evening we even managed to celebrate Marina’s birthday with a massive unicorn-shaped cake. We wanted to visit a nearby wedding, but we were so exhausted by that time…

We will remember the third day by Kosin thermal springs, which were very hard to bid farewells to. They are a small but classy aqua park with thermal water and royal saunas. After that we enjoyed Hungarian cuisine and wine in Turkish cellars of Beregovo. Even those who don’t drink alcohol degusted — who can resist such an interesting narrative…
And then, we had to go home. And we did — refreshed, rested and full of readiness to burst up into the daily routine.

More photos: our Facebook page and Instagram.

September 12, 2016
Aurora Technologies Programmer’s day

Programmer’s day was Monday this year, and as we know, all Mondays are too hard to celebrate. That’s why we decided to make the day sweeter and cheer up everyone with holiday muffins!
Thank you, programmer guys, you’re so cool!

September 09, 2016

This Friday we had a major competition of this century — Olimpiada-mamina-pomada, where teams took part in different competitions, struggling to win the main prize, a teambuilding event for their whole department.
The tension was extreme. The air was full of competition and bribery of those counting the points. But everything was honest. The leaders of the whole competition almost lay their hands on the prize, but thanks to Arkasha’s and Yura’s ping-pong and table football mad skills, they remained empty-handed.
Ping-pong and table football contests have been held during the day, and in the evening we had the main part, which started with radio-controlled car race on a special track. You think this is easy and fun? Perhaps it would be if the cars we got that day have been fully-functional. And as they were not, the task turned out to be impossible, that’s why points were awarded to whoever managed to make a full circle.
Hanky-panky contest you’ve already seen on video turned out to be the most favorite one. Jet-fast Kolya and scrupulous Yarik earned their eternal fame. By the way, Kolya confirmed his longstanding beer pong championship.
Basketball and shooting are contests for the most accurate and precise ones. They were anything but easy. Destroying a paper cup tower from the distance with a money rubber band faster than your opponent does it definitely takes some nerve.
The major attraction was cheese and wine test-off. Experts have been offered four types of wine and three types of cheese. The task was to test them and put them in the order from the cheapest to most expensive. That was hard. Still, we have a developer who managed to estimate all the cheese.
In general, Olimpiada-mamina-pomada went great. We’re looking forward to Winter Office Olympics now!

More photos: our Facebook page and Instagram

August 25, 2016
Independence Day

We celebrated Independence Day in the way only Ukrainians can do that — with borsch, varenyky, and pyrizhky. Indeed, true Cossacks have to be well-fed.
We finished borsch with outstanding speed. If Guinness World Record Book representatives were here, the record would be ours.
Apart from national cuisine, there were some gifts for those who arrived at work in vyshyvanka, — some goodies with national symbols and ethnic charms.
Glory to Ukraine!

July 02, 2016
Pirate Party!

Pirate Party is here to keep the best corporative traditions of Aurora Technologies afloat!

Here it goes, our favorite month of the summer — July, which means it’s time for summer corporative party and fun! Aurora Technologies Team is against boring and dull corporative parties — this time we have a cool Pirate Party!

We don’t subdue the oceans (although we’re ready to), but we managed to subdue a swimming pool and a bar counter where we were dealing with pirate drinks! Four teams had to pass various trials to win the main prize: the Deadman’s Treasure Chest! Obstacle zone, table football with players of the size of a human, fence play on the arena, beerpong and water contests at the pool zone — they were fighting courageously for an honor to become the pirate of the day. Photo contests were the most creative part of it: you had to take pictures with 10 different trees, 10 treasures, under the water, lying horizontally with the rest of your team in 10 different places and so on. For creativity and contests, the teams were awarded piasters. And the richest one had redeemed the Captain’s treasure eventually, and the beautiful life of the winners had started…
The evening chill out time had been furnished out with a dancing party. Vitalik, head of the creative team, turned out to be not only a gifted designer but also a talented DJ — his awesome tracks lifted even the most tired and lazy ones and made them dance all through the night!

Tunderbird, pirates! That party had gone down a storm!

More photos - our Facebook page.

June 01, 2016
Ukrainian Children’s Day, Back to 90`s!

We celebrated the holiday of children at the first day of the summer getting nostalgic about the bright times of our own childhood.

We arranged a day from 1990’s. That was a serious piece of organization: we got chips, Tetris games, 8-bit consoles (and we decided to leave those in our office permanently — it’s definitely something to be proud of).

Plus, we had a very sweet contest. Some guys brought photos of them in early childhood and we arranged a quiz in which we had to guess who’s who. The winner, Ilya, got the best prize you can imagine at the 1st of July — a large box of ice-cream!

May 19, 2016
Aurora Technologies Birthday

For our team, the major holiday of May (or perhaps even of the whole year) is our Company’s Birthday.

Of course, we celebrated it in keeping with the best traditions: with a large birthday cake and Champaign. But the main event of the day was the general meeting where our director Roman congratulated everybody with finishing another successful year and starting the next one: full of new aims, and new results. Many deserved words of gratefulness had been said, and not only the teams had been awarded honorary awards, but also some of our most heroic individuals got their awards. We’re proud of you guys: without you, we’d never achieved such results.

Happy Birthday, Aurora Technologies!

March 18, 2016
St. Patrick’s Day in Aurora Technologies

We decided to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on Friday. Tuesday was so productive that we decided to reschedule that holiday and arrange a little home party the next day. Such an evening is a perfect time to drink some beer, but only the green one!

The greenest colleagues have been awarded with prizes, the, um, not-so-green ones — with some memorial gifts.

In general, the greenest Friday of the year went extremely well — tabletop games, a hookah — we really had a good time.

March 13, 2016
Bukovel-2016! Snowriders!

As most of our team has been lounging around at home, its active part decided to spend the weekend properly and set off for Bukovel. Why would anyone stay at home at the eighth of March, if there’s skiing and snowboarding?!

That ride was tremendous!

Naturally, we divided into professionals and amateurs at once, but everyone still had their fun! The weather was warm, and fitted the learning process best. Until the end of the weekend our team was ready to take part in X-Games!

Apart from that, we managed to ride ATVs and horses! What’s our secret, you may ask? We don’t know. Perhaps, it was that magic mountain air.

After Bukovel we got on a gourmet trip in Ivano-Frankivsk. The cuisine in that town is marvelous! We’ve managed to gain back all the weight we lost during the active part of our vacation at once!

March 08, 2016
International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day, the first holiday of the spring, it always brings joy to one’s home, and, in our case to our office as well.

Our beautiful 15% of the team started their morning with discovering some nice presents from our company: spa cosmetics and accessories. What else a woman needs to achieve complete happiness? Flowers, right. But our guys had thought about that beforehand, and their flowers weren’t just some ordinary compositions, those were real masterpieces! And of course, we couldn’t do without some goodies, but girls didn’t lose their mind and consumed them carefully to keep fit.

Oh, it’s so cool to be a girl in a team of guys!

Our girls are the best! We’re glad to have them all on board!

March 04, 2016
Blagodar Foundation’s charity event

Aurora Technologies team took part in Blagodar Foundation’s charity event and made a fair share of contribution to a good cause.

Thank all of you who took part in fundraising and special thanks for those who joined the ride. Can you imagine how much happier you’ve made those kids by helping the sponsors and participators of the campaign?

Blagodar Foundation was founded by one of our colleagues, Klim. And our team always supports every campaign the Foundation starts.

It’s good to do good!

February 16, 2016
“Aurora Technologies is…”

On the threshold of St. Valentine’s Day, “love is in the air” in our office already!

Our favorite characters from “Love is…” bubble-gum papers follow this holiday everywhere. This time, they’ve dropped in our office to uncover a couple of secrets of Aurora Technologies.

We made a massive heart from the thematic pictures of those two with little descriptions of our team’s routine and named the whole project “Aurora Technologies is…” It’s so sweet! You can check it out in Facebook.

February 15, 2016
St. Valentine’s Day

Although St. Valentine’s Day suggests romantic dinner with beloved ones as a proper celebration, we couldn’t help but arrange a little celebration in our office as well. Here in Aurora Technologies, we love each other very much, that’s why it’s our company’s holiday, too!

Romantic and sweet tea-party was very touching and inspiring: everyone got a branded tea cup, and those muffins with different fillings were so good!

But those weren’t the main presents. Balloons turned out to be the best ones! If you weren’t there, you don’t know how many ways of having a good time you can afford if you have a balloon. It seems a few completely new ways of using that fabulous invention of the mankind were discovered in our office that day.

The Holiday has come to its end, leaving warm memories and surviving balloons all over the office.

We wish you all harmony and lots of love for life!

February 04, 2016
The Tabletop Friday

Tabletop games are lots of fun! We’re still cautious about Munchkin, as it will most likely last forever if we ever risk to start playing it. Some part of our team doesn’t feel very good about it, but what can we do?
Dynamic Jungle Speed helped us perk up and concentrate, and then we matched our acting skills playing Voobrazhariy— a game akin to Alias and Activity.
That Friday night was loads of fun! We should do this more often, don’t you think, folks?

January 01, 2016
The New Year Bike Rock Party

So, what was your New Year’s company party like? Was it a smug burlesque party, the Great Gatsby himself would gladly attend? Well, lucky you!

Aurora Technologies Team had a mind-blowing rock throwdown —we celebrated at full throttle!

Everyone could try on the role of tough drummers and guitarists with real instruments in the photo zone. The most courageous were challenged by a fierce bull on a rodeo attraction — that ferocious beast wasn’t easy to saddle and ride even for a few seconds.

All the party long we’ve been enjoying the tremendous shows: barmens’ show, drummers’ show, and those dancing girls did quite a show as well! Also, there was a bunch of competition with true rock prizes!

But the most fierce part was when Kiev’s best cover group — Rebel Rocks — appeared on stage. Those guys made even the most modest geeks dance and sing along! Then our teammate Sergey Manyuk rendered Okean Elzy’s song “Kvitka”. After that, the poor fellow had to fight his way through the crowd of fans —girls gave him no peace!

We welcomed in our New Year with Bengal lights and Champaign, but not to the chime of bells, but to the rhythm of drums!

They say you’re going to spend the whole year the way you welcome it in. If that’s true, our 2016 will be lots of fun!

We’ll rock it!

More photos - on our Facebook and Instagram.