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October 29, 2015
Jack-O'-Lantern Contest

This Halloween, the Jack-o’-lantern contest has become an annual family tradition.

Each year our folks keep trying to scare the souls out of each other creating those fearful pieces of art. This year was no exception, of course. A bit of humor, a bit of technology (fairy lights and flashlights), loads of candles and zest... And presentation matters a lot, of course!

This year one of the departments did an amazing work and got the top score for it. The Perch Lantern won this year’s contest and marked its own place in history as one of the most amazing masterpieces of all time.

October 29, 2015

Fear and terror inhabited our residence last Friday.

We did our best to survive.

As we understood clearly that evil spirits could only be driven out with fear, we’ve made a bunch of dreadful Jack-o'-lanterns to scare them away. We did our best to make them look frightful — we don’t lack the fantasy for that, oh no. But we failed to keep them out of this place. Our teammates have all been possessed by those foul creatures… or have they always been that way?

Solutions and potions we drank, poisons and antidotes we took. We almost prayed for those lanterns. But they showed no mercy, which made us leave the battlefield for bowling. But that was a different battle…


More photos - on our FB page and Instagram.

October 20, 2015
Racing a gyro board

We’ve bought a gyro board to ride in our office! Now we’re trying to master it by falling, getting loads of bruises and crushing stuff. Water dispenser and a few pieces of floor molding— that is the price we had to pay to learn to ride that infernal thing.

But if not to mention that, it’s kinda cool. Now we have a hi-tech vehicle to ride along with our traditional scooters. For pictures and more details, please visit our social networks.

October 14, 2015
Defender of Ukraine Day

How could we overlook this holiday on October, 14 if more than half (way more than half, actually) of our team are men? Of course, we couldn’t!
As everyone is aware that “winter is coming”, we decided to present our guys with something warm so that they could survive even the most severe frosts. Warm smiles of our own as a bonus, we feasted jolly along with our defenders, rolling themselves cozily in their new plaid rugs.

One more thing — we care about each other’s health. We purchased an exerciser and installed it in our gaming lounge. That thing isn’t only good when you’re cold, it’s a life saver when your back hurts. That’s how we take care of our men!

September 15, 2015

Once more, we've got a new residence! Of course, we've been experiencing certain difficulties saying goodbyes to the superheroes in our old office, but that has already become history, which means it's time to turn the page and start everything all over again!

Our new place is kinda austere, but we’re gonna fit it up and make it look neat and cozy, so the environment tunes everyone’s mood up for high-productive work.

September 14, 2015
Programmer’s Day and More IT Holidays

Today Aurora Technologies team was celebrating three recent IT holidays: Tester’s Day, Designer’s Day and the Day of the Programmer — all of these were celebrated on the last week, can you imagine it?

That was a really soulful feast: those holiday-themed cupcakes were most delicious, they made our guys’ Monday! Let’s hope that was a proper start of the week and it will keep them in the right mood until weekend!

August 25, 2015
Planetarium Outing

Aurora Technologies team has decided to lift the veil over some of the unrevealed secrets of space by attending a spherical cinema in ATMASFERA 360 planetarium.
We watched ‘Threat from Space’ and ‘Realm of Light’. The show was far shorter than we’d hoped. Chilling music and pretty offscreen voice (thanks to which some of our mates had managed to have a nap, by the way) harmonized with stunning footage.

Inside of the planetarium building a truly special thematic atmosphere prevails — planets, telescopes, multimedia games, oh, and there is an extraordinary ‘Under-the-Microscope Zoo’ there!

Anyway, we were thrilled to bits. And we’re gonna visit that marvelous place once more, for sure!

August 01, 2015
Aurora Technologies Paintball Wars

Bruised people roam around our office this week.

No, there is no physical punishment penalty here. And no meeting with senior officer ends up with fighting in our company either.

We just played paintball. Now that was a psychological release! What a venting! Those fierce team-on-team battles were lots of fun: we built strategies, made up designations, codenames, and phrases.

After the ‘war’ everyone was tired, ‘wounded’, bruised, but totally happy and satisfied.

No doubt, we’ll do that again!

July 16, 2015
Tabletop Friday

This Friday night was dedicated to tabletop games. Believe it or not, our Jenga tower came out to be 38 floors high! Few Aurora Technologies Team members proved themselves to be Jenga gurus: what they’ve been showing is a real magic!

Dixit, on the other hand, has turned out to be harder than it seemed, as it’s not all about juggle, but for the creative thinking and imagination.

Anyways, that was an interesting Friday.


July 04, 2015
American Style Party

Here comes the hot summer, and our July, 4th American Style Party rocks in right on cue! Our celebration was just as cool as in the USA!

Rodeo on a tramp, sumo battle challenge, beerpong, pool competitions and water rides — that was tremendous!


Plus, our chefs also put their hand in play: everyone was stuffing their face with delicious burgers, hotdogs and barbecues. And punch, of course. Lots of it.


We’re not sure how do they do it in the USA, but our American Style Party was rocking the place!



More photos - on our Instagram and FB page! 

June 15, 2015
Chernobyl Excursion

This weekend Aurora Technologies team visited Chernobyl.


Chernobyl Exclusion Zone is a restricted area, which has been designated for evacuation after the Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster in 1986. Sure enough, this was not the most positive excursion, but the Chernobyl disaster is an important page of history that made its mark on our land and people, so we just couldn’t miss our chance to behold the consequences of the world’s largest nuclear accident.


It was interesting and a bit scary – to roam around the stone jungle of the abandoned city of Prypyat, to explore an old tottering school and find there a bunch of old exercise books and school journals untouched for decades; to get lost in an old swimming-pool and deserted hotel – sometimes it felt like a horror movie…


We also learned a couple of quite interesting facts about the Chernobyl disaster and visited a Soviet over-the-horizon radar Duga-1 – so huge that we felt like tiny ants...


This excursion evokes mixed feelings. It’s exciting by all means, though on the other hand it’s sad and kind of depressing. Nevertheless, we were glad to be there as we realize such an opportunity doesn’t knock at your door often.

May 17, 2015
Aurora Technologies Picnic

At last, sunny May is here along with its so welcomed flowers and tempting green grass. Is there any better season for a picnic?

That was so cool! Steaks and barbecues, burgers and grilled vegetables… Yummy! Many compliments to our chefs!

That outing has gone down a storm: Frisbee, volleyball, football and badminton — a picnic with no active outdoor sports and games is not a picnic at all! Live hiking songs and “Alias” game were a wonderful final flourish to conclude the event with.

In one word, hiking season has officially been opened in Aurora Technologies. This is just the beginning!



More photos - on our FB page!

April 05, 2015

Aurora Technologies football team is one of 12 teams participating in DOU IT CUP 2015 IT LEAGUE.

We’ve got into the Silver group, so our opponents are Crytek, Luxoft, Infopulse, DAXX and Level Up teams. This should be interesting! Go for it, guys, we believe in you!

April 01, 2015
April Fool’s Day in Aurora Technologies

We decided to celebrate this April Fool’s Day by organizing a “Guess who?” contest. Everyone had a chance to show their mental acumen by guessing our colleagues on their 16-year-old passport photos.

Those pics are really interesting. We thank peeps who allowed to use their passport photos tremendously. Though some folks are still sure that people on those images are strangers. You bet!

Also few Aurora Technologies team members have proven to be extrasensory perception experts by guessing almost every photo.


Anyways, that was cool!

March 25, 2015
Ukrainian ATO Aid

These times are tough for every citizen of our country and it’s impossible to remain uninvolved, especially when your friends are fighting for Ukraine.

They aren’t just our friends anymore — these people are living heroes.


By their own efforts, our folks gather goods in order to kit out soldiers involved in anti-terrorist operation with welfare assistance.


And recently we’ve received a present from the flash point in Donbas: a flag of Ukraine signed by our combatants. From now on that flag hangs in our office as a motivation for everyone to join this mission.

March 24, 2015
Aurora Technologies held a chess tournament!

Aurora Technologies held a chess tournament— huge intellectual competition where the strongest minds of our team fought for champion’s title and eternal glory.
The struggle was fierce, unbelievable multi-way combinations astonished all the common spectators and fans. Everyone was sweating out the final battle and so the vicious duel ended, determining the best of the best. The champion was rewarded with a trophy cup and a valuable prize.

You can see photos on our FB page and Instagram.

March 11, 2015
The European Summit 2015

From the 7h to 10th of March Prague hosted the European Summit – the major international conference bringing together the representatives of the various online business services, from webmasters to designers and ordinary users. Aurora Technologies team has also shared its own business ideas.

March 09, 2015
Aurora Technologies Movie Nights

At last, we start setting up our own traditions! From now on, one Friday night per month is dedicated to watching films here in our office! We had the first movie night on March, 6 and it was actually cool! Pizza, pop-corn and Marvel superheroes made the event fun so everyone was happy! Iron Man and Thor fought the universal evil and they did win, of course — at the crack of the dawn. 


And the night movie tradition is to be continued…

January 01, 2015
Тhe New Year party with Santa!

One does not simply take away the chance to hang out with Santa Clause and The Snow Maiden from those childish in spirit. That’s why Aurora Technologies team decided to celebrate the New Year 2015 in its comfy office, with presents, allcomers and, of course, festival heroes of the childhood.   


That’s why, when Friday time had come to attend the holiday occasion, no one could resist temptation to join the party and have fun with real-deal Santa Clause and his charming – but a little bit chilly – assistant. Where there plenty of presents? Lots of! Yet, every kiddo, even the one far beyond thirty, knows nothing is ever given away for free. You either keep yourself out of mischief all year long, or… take an active part in Christmassy contests! Those most active got most lucky, and the number of goodies won grew exponentially. Plus, peeps that had arrived all dressed up in a jolly New Year outfit got special – and most fascinating – presents.      


Party came off splendid. Everyone was pleased with the atmosphere and the presents. Aurora Technologies team hopes 2015 will grant positive emotions only, pretty much like those brought by a faery play-day for grownups.